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Tropibio Videos

In this Section, we present the Tropibio project, its objectives and its place of action, using short accessible videos. 

Vídeo 1:  What is Tropibio? (EN)

 Vídeo 1:  What is Tropibio? (PT)

 Video 2: Where Tropibio´s  works? (EN)
Video 2: Where Tropibio´s  works? (PT)

 Video 3: What is our mission? (EN)
 Video 3: What is our mission? (PT)

 Video 4:  Understanding our logo!
 Video 5: What is ERA Chair?

 Video 6: What is the Twinlab's
iniciative? (EN/PT)

In this Section, we present the Tropibio team! 

Video 2: Meet Richard Ladle
(ERA Chair)

Video 3: Meet Ana Filipa Palmeirim
(Associated Researchers)

Video 4: Meet Fernanda A. Martins
(Associated Researchers)

Video 5: Meet Luke L. Powell
(Associated Researchers)

Video 6: Meet Javier Martínez
(Data technician)

Video  7: Meet Patrícia Guedes
(Field technician)

Meet Fredrik Oxelfelt

Meet Claudia Malhado
(Communication and outreach officer)


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