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Patricia Guedes attended an advanced course in CIBIO

Tropibio Field technician Patricia Guedes attended the Advanced course- Methods in Research synthesis: Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis. Organized by CIBIO/BIOPOLIS, from 14th-17th of March in CIBIO, Vairão, Portugal.  
The course was developed for students and researchers at an early stage of their career, and aimed to provide basics on literature search and review. Participants were able to: (1) understand the process of research synthesis, including search protocols and software; (2) conduct a systematic literature search and review; and (3) apply different methods for analyzing published scientific evidence, such as meta-analysis tools. Twenty students and researchers from CIBIO participated in this course.

This course gave important insights and knowledge on research synthesis to Patrícia, allowing her to better assist other TROPIBIO researchers in their research and conduct her own on topics relevant to the project. 

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