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Work Packages

Work Packages01
1 - Project Management
This WP aims to perform the global project coordination and support tasks, the project management in general, the monitoring of project development and budget spending, the coordination of the interactions among partners, the management of institutional change, and the communication with the European Commission.
These activities will provide the basis for administrative, technical and financial project management, and will ensure the technical and financial features of the project are conducted properly at all times.
1.1. Activity Planning and Reporting to the Commission
1.2. ERA Chair Board and Institutional Coordination
1.3. Planning and management of institutional change
1.4. Providing information for Horizon 2020 Key Performance Indicators
Work Packages02
2 - Recruitment of ERA Chair Team
WP2 focuses on recruiting the ERA Chair holder and the research and support teams, involving tasks that will be developed early in the project and that are critical to the success of subsequent WPs. The staff should support the work of the Chair holder, providing the blend of complementary expertise and skills needed to promote the excellence of research, and the activities of fundraising, advanced training, knowledge mobilization, and public dissemination.
The following three tasks are strongly interrelated. These three WPs are at the core of TROPIBIO, because they will represent a major contribution to build the capacity of CIBIO and assure the sustainability of excellent research and innovation:

2.1. Recruitment of the ERA Chair
2.2. Recruitment of ERA Chair research team
2.3. Recruitment of ERA Chair support Team
Work Packages03
3 - Consolidation of capacities to participate in the ERA
The objective of this WP is to consolidate the capacities of CIBIO to participate in the ERA, thereby contributing to its internationalisation and long term sustainability, by enhancing its potential to engage in research networks and access funding programs under H2020 and the forthcoming Horizon Europe, as well as funding associated with Africa-EU cooperation programs.
3.1. Acquiring expertise in Africa-EU cooperation and research funding opportunities
3.2. Strengthening Relations with International Organizations and Networks
3.3. Secondments
3.4. Exchange of junior researchers
3.5. Establishing long-lasting collaborations
Work Packages04
4 - The consolidation of the TwinLab network
This WP aims to consolidate the network of TwinLabs between CIBIO and partner institutions from each Portuguese speaking African country (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé e Príncipe), as a cornerstone of the strategy to enhance capacities to develop cutting-edge research on tropical biodiversity and ecosystems.
4.1. Setting the TwinLab Network
4.2. Establishing basic logistic facilities to support research
4.3. Establish a strategic research programme
4.4. Establishing common standards and organizing biodiversity information
4.5. Establishing a business plan
Work Packages05
5 - Maximising impact: connecting research with policy and practice
This WP aims to set the mechanisms for maximising the impact of CIBIO’s research in the fields of tropical biodiversity and ecosystems, by enhancing the connections of research with policy and practice. Beyond knowledge transfer, which is normally related to the connection of researchers with industry to commercialise intellectual property, the focus will be on knowledge mobilization (KMb), whereby non-commercial research is connected with organizations seeking to maximise the social benefit of research by informing decisions about public policy and professional practice.
5.1. Knowledge mobilization planning
5.2. Stakeholder engagement programme
5.3. Development of Knowledge Mobilization flagship initiatives
Work Packages06
6 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation
This WP aims to maximize the visibility and impact of the ERA Chair, and more generally that of CIBIO, at the regional, national and international levels, with a particular emphasis on the Portuguese-speaking African countries. It will include activities for dissemination of knowledge, networking, and raising international awareness of their research and innovation potential and achievements.
6.1. Project Communication and Dissemination Plan
6.2. Newsletters, Website and Social Media
6.3. Participation in Workshops and Conferences
6.4. Organisation of Meetings, Workshops and Conferences
Work Packages08
8 - Ethics requirements
The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package
8.1. This work package sets out the 'ethics requirements' that the project must comply with.
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