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Raquel Vasconcelos delivered a reptiles course in Cabo Verde


Tropibio researcher Raquel Vasconcelos (researcher at CIBIO BIOPOLIS), with the support of the NGO Lantuna and the University of Cabo Verde (UniCV), delivered a training course on reptiles on Santiago Island, Cabo Verde from the May 31st to the 2nd of June 2022. 

The objective of this training course was to introduce the main characteristics of the reptiles’ taxonomic groups, teach the specific methodologies for sampling, and to train the participants on the characterization and identification of native and introduced species on the island of Santiago. The course had a theoretical component and a strong practical component, with field trips to different habitats on the island.  The 15 participants were from the NGO Lantuna, from the National Directorate for the Environment and from the University of Cabo Verde (UniCV).  Read the news in Portuguese at Lantuna NGO facebook page.  

Photo from the theoretical part of the course. Photo by Samir Martins (NGO Lantuna)

Photo from the field part of the course. Photo by Samir Martins (NGO Lantuna)

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