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Tropibio host Prof Searle for discussing collaborations with Cornell University

The Tropibio team - Filipa Palmeirim, Paulo C. Alves, junior researcher Felipe Santos, Fredrik Oxelfelt and Richard Ladle - met with Professor Jeremy Searle, one of the World’s leading experts in small mammal ecology from Cornell University (https://blogs.cornell.edu/searlelaboratory/members/). Prof. Searle was particularly interested in the small mammal surveys the Tropibio Team is planning in Angola and Guinea Bissau. Cornell University, where Prof. Searle works, is also a leading institute for bird research and there is great potential for more formal links with CIBIO-Biopolis. Plans for including Cornell researchers in Tropibio research and training events will be discussed during the next meeting in New York.

Photos by Fredrik Oxelfelt. 

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