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Tropibio junior researchers attended Conference in Cambridge

Tropibio Field technician Patricia Guedes and junior researcher PhD candidate Felipe Santos participated of the Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS) in Cambridge. From 29th – 31st of March, organized by Cambridge University Department of Zoology and Tropical Biology Association. 

The SCCS is the only international series of conservation conferences aimed entirely at students. It is a great conference to network and meet students from all over the world and meet with professional from world renowned NGO’s such as Tropical Biology Association, Flora & Fauna International, Society for Conservation Biology, etc. This year, the SCCS had around 180 delegated from 43 different countries.

Patrícia presented a poster entitled "Unveiling the impacts of nest predation by introduced mammals on the endemic-rich avifauna of Príncipe Island”  on her work in Príncipe Island, to which TROPIBIO contributed with funds for metabarcoding analysis (see figugre below). Patrícia was able to speak with several master and PhD students, giving them the scope of the TROPIBIO project and contacts to follow up. 

Felipe gave a talk on his recent paper entitled "Social media data reveals multiple cultural services along the 8.500  kilometers of Brazilian coastline", that highlights an innovative way to assess cultural ecosystem services and the importance of strictly protected areas on providing such benefits for coastal users. 

Reference: Felipe Alexandre Santos Vieira, Davi Teles Vinhas Santos, Chiara Bragagnolo, João Vitor Campos-Silva, Ricardo Aleixo Henriques Correia, Paul Jepson, Ana Claudia Mendes Malhado, Richard James Ladle, 2021. Social media data reveals multiple cultural services along the 8.500 kilometers of Brazilian coastline, Ocean & Coastal Management, 214, 105918, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2021.105918.

Patricia poster presented at the SCCS conference. 

Screenshot of Patrícia’s 1 minute elevator pitch    / Screenshot of Patrícia’s poster presentation.

Felipe´s talk. 

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