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Tropibio team visited INIDA and UniCV in Santiago Island, Cabo Verde


Members of the TROPIBIO team (Raquel Vasconcelos, Richard Ladle, Fernanda Martins, Javier Martínez,  and Ana Malhado) and Prof Rui Figueira visited the National Agrarian Research and Development Institute  and the University of Cabo Verde on the Island of Santiago on the Cabo Verde archipelago in July 2022.

The INIDA’s researchers, Prof Dr. Isildo Gomes and Prof Dr Aline Rendall, received the members of TROPIBIO on the headquarters of INIDA, the National Agrarian Research and Development Institute (in portuguese, Instituto Nacional de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Agrário – INIDA), in São Jorge dos Órgãos.  INIDA is a public institution whose mission is to provide technical-scientific support to policymakers, in addition to enabling research, development and innovation solutions for the sustainability of agriculture in Cabo Verde. INIDA also holds the Cabo Verdean national herbarium and a vast collection of arthropods.  In the meeting, researchers of both institutions discussed the research work carried out in INIDA, potential scientific collaborations with TROPIBIO and GBIF, and the potential implementation of biodiversity data mobilization efforts. The team has also visited the Botanical Gardens. 

TROPIBIO team was received in University of Cabo Verde by  professors Dr Jorge Tavares, Dr Denise Colito, president and vice-president of Science and Technology Faculty – UniCV, respectively, and Prof Dr Mara Abu-Raya (Marine Biologist), Science and Technology Faculty – UniCV. During the meeting, potential scientific collaborations between the researchers of both institutions were discussed, as well as the possibility of holding a course on mobilization of biodiversity data at UniCV.

Meeting with INIDA researchers. 

Tropibio and INIDA team.

Meeting at the University of Cabo Verde

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