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Tropibio team members participated in VII International...
Ana Malhado, Luana Santos and Karoline Azevedo participated in the VII International Environmental Education Congress in Portuguese-Speaking Countries and Communities, held in...
09-07-2023Know More
Tropibio researchers met with Eduardo Mondlane University...
Ana Malhado, Luana Santos, and Karoline Azevedo, from the Tropibio project, met with professors e researchers from Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) in Mozambique on July 2023...
03-07-2023Know More
Tropibio young researcher visited CIBIO in June 2023
Anna Karoline Azevedo, a Tropibio PhD student, visited CIBIO to advance her studies on the culturomics of National Parks in Sub-Saharan African countries.
30-06-2023Know More
Tropibio Team members are participants in a newly funded project...
Richard Ladle and Ana Malhado are participants in the project "Plastic oceans: Monitoring the plastic production chain integrating disposal and recycling strategies to tackle...
05-06-2023Know More
Tropibio team member Luke L. Powell hosted a Seminar in CIBIO
Luke L. Powell hosted an Invited Seminar in Biodiversity and Evolution in CIBIO on the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program: Unlocking Biodiversity Research and Conservation...
01-06-2023Know More
Richard Ladle visited Madrid for Collaborative Meeting and...
Richard Ladle travelled to Madrid, Spain, on May 24th for a meeting with Tropibio collaborator, Dr. Joaquín Hortal, at the Natural History Museum.
24-05-2023Know More
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