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Tropibio invites to the course INTRODUCTION TO NETWORK ECOLOGY

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February 27th, 2023

Filipa Palmeirim (Tropibio team), Carine Emer (Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden/Juruá Institute), Sérgio Timóteo (University of Coimbra), and Luis P. da Silva (CIBIO) will be delivering the course INTRODUCTION TO NETWORK ECOLOGY from 27 February to 3rd March 2023 in CIBIO.

The course is aimed at BIODIV Doctoral Program students but is also open to students from the Twinlabs and other post-graduate students and researchers. 

All organisms on Earth are connected to each other by ecological interactions, forming a complex web of life, the so-called ‘entangled bank’ coined by Charles Darwin. Network Theory brings concepts and tools that help to understand such complexity and to answer timely questions on ecology and conservation. This course aims to assist students to apply the science of Network Ecology to their research. It combines theoretical and practical classes with learning oriented by personal and group projects. 

The course contend will include: 
  • History and Graph Theory
  • Network structure (metrics at the network/community level and metrics at the node/species level)
  • Biological bases and applicability
  • Trophic cascades 
  • Metanetworks and species-habitat networks
  • Multilayer networks

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